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Choose a Spartan Sprint, Super or Beast. All races are timed, judged and ranked. Complete all three in a calendar year and earn your Trifecta!

Spartan Race integrates obstacles with the natural terrain to create the best racing experience possible. Each course is unique, so racers never compete on the same course twice.​ What happens if you fall off or fail to complete an obstacle? It's simple, just drop and give us 30 burpees before moving on!

Want to start training for your Spartan Race experience? Sign up for our WOD (Workout of the Day).

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2014 Events
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August 30 South London Spartan Sprint
Spartan Junior

August 31 South London Spartan Super
Spartan Junior

September 7 Cambridge Spartan Sprint
Spartan Junior

September 21 Edinburgh Spartan Sprint
Spartan Junior

September 28 Yorkshire Spartan Sprint
Spartan Junior

October 11 South London Spartan Beast

Spartan Training Camps

If you’re planning to run a Spartan Race, we recommend you take part in our new Spartan Race UK Training programs.

We stage Spartan camps across the UK. The three-hour sessions are designed to prepare you for race day, giving you all the skills you'll need to take part.

Camps are also geared to learning important safety skills. Sessions are ideal for both beginners and more advanced racers, and they cost £10.

Focusing on safety, fitness and functional natural movement techniques, skills covered will include a range of:

  • race safety: how to roll, fall, land and jump without injury

  • movement skills: crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing, throwing, catching, lifting and running

  • acclimatization: training in mud, coping with boggy terrain, 'quick-sand mud', marshes, etc

  • coping with the cold: how to avoid shocks to the system and hypothermia

  • slippery surfaces: how to run on mud, crawl up hills, etc

  • core strength: lifting your own body weight and lots more

    Check out this Training Camp video action

    Spartan 2014 Training Camp Dates

    Sat, 19 July , 9am or 1pm
    Fortitude Fitness Centre, Highfields Road, Highfields Caldecote, Cambridge CB23 7NX


    Wed, 13 August , 9am or 1pm
    Winton House, Pencaitland, East Lothian, EH34 5AT, Scotland


    To register, please email:

  • Upcoming:

    SAT, AUG 30th, 2014

    95% Full

    South London

    SUN, AUG 31st, 2014

    95% Full

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    Spartan Junior Race

    CHECK OUT the Spartan Junior Race for 2014. LONGER courses, TOUGHER obstacles and MORE MUD!! Junior racers aged 4 to 13 years compete on courses designed to offer the appropriate level of challenge for their age category. Every racer receives a T-Shirt and Medal.

    Join us as a SPECTATOR and watch your friends and loved ones run, climb and crawl their way to the finish line while you enjoy the activities, vendors and music available in our village area. Wish you had signed up to race? No problem! You can purchase a ticket for same day or future races at our onsite REGISTRATION AREA up to 30 minutes before the last heat starts.